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Even during a global pandemic, there are resources to allow you to stay connected with people who share your values.  Stay informed with data on the pandemic, or take action to make a difference.

Stay informed about COVID-19

Use information from the Town of Lynnfield and the state of Massachusetts to stay informed on the status of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Where to start:

Phone Banking

Phone banking is a great way to turn out the vote and elect candidates that support your values.  Many organizations offer basic training on phone banking, and pre-written scripts and software to help anyone learn.

Where to start:

Write letters and postcards

Help increase voter turnout by writing letters and postcards.  Many organizations offer standard scripts and templates to choose from, making it easier than ever to reach out.

Where to start:


It’s easier than ever to donate to causes you believe in.  Find a cause today to offer financial support.

Where to start:

Join online communities

Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media communities to find neighbors and friends who share your values.  

Where to start:

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