Get Out the Vote Letters: The Big Send

From Swing Left North Shore / Cape Ann:

The Big Send, which encourages voting by unlikely voters who are Democratic leaning or from underrepresented communities, has been endorsed by many groups including Swing Left.

If you sign up, you will adopt 5 or 20 letters at a time, print them, add your own inspirational words motivating the recipient to vote, address and stamp the envelope, and mail on October 17. Time is short as the election approaches and we continue to eke out every possible Democratic vote. This is a good next step if you’ve been writing postcards for the last week or the last 10 months, and want to accelerate your efforts.

How many letters will you adopt and write between now and October 17? Let us know you are in by clicking below to RSVP. Vote Forward will track the number of letters you adopt; you will get a questionnaire on Oct. 17 or 18 asking how many you have mailed.

Register: The Big Send:- Swing Left North Shore/Cape Ann

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