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Oct 21 meeting - Speaker list

The Lynnfield Democratic Town Committee meeting on October 21st will include a presentation by Alex Arsenault of “Voter Choice 2020”, which has a website, This organization is pushing for a system in which the voters rank their first, second, and third choice candidates. If their first choice does not get enough votes, then their second-choice selection gets preference. Maine already has this system. What would this mean for Massachusetts voters? Join us to find out.

We also will hear from Erika Berglund of the “Coalition for Safe and Secure Data”, a group opposed to Ballot Question 1, which seeks to amend the “Right to Repair” law. See their website at: and Twitter at

(Last month we heard from Tommy Hickey of the “Pro” side of Question 1 - read the recap of our September 16 meeting for more information.)

In addition, our State Senator Brendan Crighton of the Third Essex District, will join us to talk about what he has been doing and his campaign to win re-election on November 3rd. Please see his website on how you can help;

If you would like to attend our Zoom meeting on October 21st at 7:00 PM, and you are not already in our email list, please Contact Us. If you missed a meeting you can find summaries of our recent ones in our News and Events archive.

We are actively campaigning for Democratic candidates now - if you wish to join us please contact us or follow our Facebook page.

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