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Postcard Writing for Florida voters

From Abby Albrecht, Vice President II of North Shore MA NAACP:

Hello Members,

Thank you for writing postcards with me to fight voter suppression; we are making so much progress! These handwritten postcards are meant to assist voters of color with early voting.

So far, our Postcard Writing Brigade has blown through address lists in NC, TX, GA, and now we are targeting a list of addresses in FL. To date, and with Florida's list completed, we will have penned over 4,700 postcards, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon!

If you're not on this train already but want to be, just send me an email!

I am now actively distributing names and addresses from Florida to willing writers. Florida has 29 electoral votes and so every little bit counts when fighting voter suppression in this state!

A few things…

- Florida postcards should be mailed around October 10th so please keep this in mind if requesting more. Please finish any other states before moving on to Florida.

- if you need blank postcards, I have a bunch and I’m happy to share. Just let me know and I’ll leave them on my porch in Hamilton.

- If you want to order your own, I can email you several options for blank postcards.

- Please email me with address requests and any questions.

- I am trying my best to keep up with requests in a timely manner, but if you haven’t heard from me after a day or two, please reach out again! When so many people reply to a mass email, sometimes responses get buried in the thread. Sending a new email (rather than replying to mine) works better.

- I get my lists and information from Reclaim Our Vote, a national organization working to fight voter suppression. They have other options for volunteering if you want to try something other than postcards. Check out their website,, for info on phone-banking and texting.

- Don’t forget to check in with friends and family and ask if they have a plan to vote! We often assume that everyone is voting, but in reality, many people forget or think their vote won’t count.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!


Abby Albrecht

Vice President II

North Shore MA NAACP


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