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Moulton Challenger Lisa Peterson to Address Lynnfield Democrats

Salem City Councilor Lisa Peterson will be running in the September 2020 Democratic Primary for the 6th Massachusetts District, the seat Seth Moulton currently holds. Ms. Peterson will be speaking at the September meeting of the Lynnfield Democratic Town Committee, which will be held on September 18th at 7:00PM at the Al Merritt Room, 600 Market Street Lynnfield.

From her website

“Lisa realizes that the challenges we face require bold leadership from someone who is focused on the needs of our district. She believes firmly in a government that is of the people, by the people, and she looks forward to passing the microphone to you throughout her campaign to ensure that all of our voices are heard.”

If you would like to meet Ms. Peterson, please come to our meeting where you will be able to listen to her plans and ask questions. The public is welcome. We will have many speakers coming this fall and winter as the 2020 race heats up. The normal business portion of the meeting will follow the speaker presentations.


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